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    • Don’t Send Me Flowers

      As much as I love receiving flowers, mushy cards and going out to dinner, it’s far more meaningful to me when those things are unexpected. more →

What does it mean to live la dolce vita?

A big part of living the sweet life, the dolce vita life, is food: Cooking it. Eating it. Connecting through it.

Chances are, if you're committed to the health and well-being of yourself, your family, and the Earth, you've realized that you need to cook..

You know that living a meaningful life is made up of everyday moments and food is a big part of them: the aromas that bring clear memories back in a flash - years or even decades later; the pleasure of biting into something exquisite; the conversations at the table as you linger over a meal doing much of nothing except being with those you love...priceless.

The Italians have an expression, dolce far niente – sweet doing nothing. Far from lazy, Mediterraneans know that often the times we do nothing are filled with the greatest somethings

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Group & Corporate Cooking Classes in CT and NY

Cooking classes

Cooking Classes

Chef Silvia tailors cooking classes to your needs, whether it’s for your company, home or special event. She works all over CT, Westchester County, NYC as well as other locations in the tri-state area.

The kitchen is a great place to forge relationships, foster team work and build motivation. more →
    Experience an evening when the magic of the Mediterranean puts a sweet spell on your party: more →
      Chef Silvia can teach anyone to cook.more →

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