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How to Tell When Something is Cooked

Here are some signs to look for when gauging whether or not something is done. It also helps to take some of the guesswork out of cooking as you make your way from trial to triumph. Most seafood is ready when it turns from translucent to opaque or in the case of shrimp, when it […]

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The Urge to Purge

This year spring cleaning has worked it’s way onto my website – finally. I’m going through a re-branding. and complete overhaul and soon I’ll no longer have website shame. I can’t wait to share the results with you. But for now, I’ll share something I learned about the process of cleaning up your mess…whether that […]

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Heaven on Earth

If someone asked me, “What’s your idea of Heaven on Earth?” I’d have answer, “To be gathered around the dining table with people I love, or want to get to know, sharing a delicious meal, good wine, meaningful conversation and lots of laughs.” Or maybe it’s sharing good pizza.   And I used to think […]

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It’s Easier Than You Think

Sometimes, in fact most times, when people tell me they don’t like to cook, it’s because they think it’s hard. In my cooking classes I get the same comment from cooks and non-cooks when they learn how to make a new dish, “I didn’t think it’d be so easy”.   photo courtesy of

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Can Any Space Be Sacred

  A Note From the Chef   All of us who love food know that it’s so much more than simply fuel for the body. If that were the case, we would simply swallow a little purple pill and be done with it – and one of life’s greatest pleasures would go down with it. […]

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A Note from the Chef Do new beginnings have a date on the calendar, or do they follow a date particular to us? Or are they simply a natural sequence to the unfolding drama of our lives? This is what I’ve been pondering lately. Every new year offers us the opportunity to make changes we’ve […]

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Gifts I Give Myself

  A Note from the Chef I’ve been thinking a lot about giving. Not the kind you can wrap and put under a tree and not anything you can see, but you sure as he_ _ can feel it. This kind of giving takes many forms and is available to anyone, anywhere. And yes it […]

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Eggs and a Quick Saute

  Frittata with Sautéed Mushrooms, Onions and Potatoes Whenever I’m hungry and want a quick, yet satisfying meal I reach for my favorite cast iron pan, some eggs and whatever fresh vegetables I have on hand. In this case it was crimini mushrooms, onions and a jalapeno. I cut them thinly and cooked them – […]

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Fettuccine with tomato/pesto

Tomato/pesto is one of my favorite, quick sauces. It’s intensely flavorful without being overwhelming like pesto alone can be; it’s fast – especially if you have containers of tomato and pesto sauces in your freezer -which is so easy if you make big batches every time you make these sauces; and finally, it’s frigging delicious! […]

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Simple Tomato Salads

  The summer salad we served most often from my childhood garden was randomly diced tomatoes (core and imperfections removed – bite sized pieces) mixed with thinly sliced red onions and basil, seasoned and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. We ate it along with a hunk of rustic bread to lap up the juices. […]

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