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Polenta with Bolognese Sauce

Make a big pot of polenta and the Bolognese sauce below, (or a meatless sauce) call a group of friends, serve warm on your own communal plate and start the conversation and wine flowing. Basic Polenta Recipe Serves 5 or more 1 pound or slightly more of coarsely ground corn meal (you want corn meal […]

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Dream Big

  Last night I saw the movie, “The Astronaut Farmer” with Billy Bob Thornton. In one scene when he was feeling particularly dejected, his father in law reminded him of what a great father he was when he said, “You are an amazing father. I couldn’t even get my family to share a meal. You […]

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The Blossoming of Food and Money

I’ve been thinking a lot about money lately–well more than my usual allotment. I’m sure I’m not alone. These days, money seems to be on most people’s mind-not that that’s anything new in our money obsessed culture, but this time, for millions of people, it’s not about making more and more money, but about making […]

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What to Do with Zucchini Blossoms

  In the northeast, zucchini blossoms are plentiful right now. Each morning for the last few weeks, I went to my garden and picked the zucchini blossoms, in their open state, before they closed themselves to the sun’s hottest rays. I fried them in a light tempura batter, stuffed them with various cheeses, added them […]

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Food and Philanthropy

  A Note from the Chef The Food names food and philanthropy as one of the top 10 trends in 2009. Food—a daily essential for each and every one of us—is a natural link for philanthropic efforts. From the $1 donation at the supermarket checkout line to more and more charities tied to food […]

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Making Bread

  Making bread is easy. People just think it’s hard. Growing up, we made bread every week. In my restaurant, we made it every day and we had a very busy, really small kitchen. Making bread is organic, soothing and creative. It can be a baguette or a bun, a pizza or a pretzel, or […]

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