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Wasting Time

A Note from the Chef September seems to have gotten away from me. Before I knew it, we’re approaching the end of the month. I don’t know what happened. Is time truly moving faster and faster or is it just that September is an odd month? With summer winding down and autumn just around the […]

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Juicy Obsessions

A Note from the Chef I think there’s nothing more delicious than a tomato picked at the height of its flavor, and perfectly prepared into one simple, exquisite dish. For me, no ingredient is better equipped for this culinary challenge than a tomato, plucked from its vine just when its juices threaten to burst through […]

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Green Bean Leftovers Salad

Salad with Sautéed French Beans, Mushrooms and Chicken   I love leftovers. They usually inspire me to do something different than I intended when I first made the dish. This concoction was the result of last night’s dinner of roast chicken with sauteed green beans and crimini mushrooms. There was a handful of each left […]

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The Best Coffee Cake

Recently my cravings centered around coffee cake. I craved it during the frequent snow storms that kept us hostage in the northeast this winter and I crave it in the morning still with a freshly brewed cup of strong coffee. And now when it seems the rains won’t stop and the dreariness of the afternoon […]

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Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese

  For all of you who didn’t get my recipe earlier today for the pulled pork grilled cheese I made the other night (and that’s everyone) I sincerely appologize. What can I say…it was 1:00 am when I scheduled my newsletter.   But turns out that was a good thing, because tonight I had another […]

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Far From Shore

 A Note from the Chef I’ve always considered myself to be a free spirit. It’s the alter ego to my more traditional expression. Both sides are evident when I consider the differences between the Ridgefield home I lived in until June of 2010 and the lakeside cottage in New Milford I moved to. The former […]

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Biscotti Cookies

  Because this is the season for baking cookies, I thought I’d share (once again) my recipe for making biscotti. This recipe has been made literally hundreds of times over the years in my former restaurant, Biscotti, and in my home kitchen, so it’s tried and true. It can easily be doubled or tripled and […]

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True to Form

No matter what your station or status in life, the only thing that really matters is remaining true to yourself. This truth will shine through to everything you do and everyone you encounter.

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