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Dress Your Greens a la Naturel

As Featured in Mind Body Green Why prepare a salad using fresh, nutrient-rich greens, only to toss them with store-bought dressing? Yes, they’re convenient, come with delicious-sounding names and pretty pictures, but using prepared dressings is like taking an organic apple picked from a local farm and dipping it in cheese whiz. I’m sure most […]

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Zucchini Blossom Tempura Salad

Salads can be so much more than simply greens tossed with a dressing. They can be a whole meal and when they are, it’s a time saving healthy alternative to cooking a meal with many parts. But in order to be inspiring, salads require a bit of thinking outside the box…like most good things. Here’s […]

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3 Layer Super Protein Salad

  I love layering salads. Each component adds its own distinctive taste, and when sampled together the result is a vibrant symphony of flavors. Making a layered salad is similar to creating an ice cream sundae: start with a base of tossed greens (in a simple oil-and-balsamic dressing) and top with two or more salads. […]

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Fast Food for Busy People

I was going to title this email like this…   Fast Food for Slow People   Slow, that is, in getting dinner ready, but…I didn’t think it would be perceived as intended. Seriously though, this week’s email is all about making dinnertime easier, better tasting, and faster to prepare, and of course healthy. There are […]

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Grilled Eggplant Parmesan

      Okay, so this is not as tasty as fried eggplant but it’s very good and not as fattening. Try it. I personally like leaving the skin on but if you prefer, peal the skin before slicing. 3 medium, slim, firm eggplants (large ones tend to be seedy) 1 batch tomato sauce (see […]

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Simple Tomato Salads

  The summer salad we served most often from my childhood garden was randomly diced tomatoes (core and imperfections removed – bite sized pieces) mixed with thinly sliced red onions and basil, seasoned and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. We ate it along with a hunk of rustic bread to lap up the juices. […]

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Green Bean Leftovers Salad

Salad with Sautéed French Beans, Mushrooms and Chicken   I love leftovers. They usually inspire me to do something different than I intended when I first made the dish. This concoction was the result of last night’s dinner of roast chicken with sauteed green beans and crimini mushrooms. There was a handful of each left […]

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