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Mexican Meatloaf

For years in my restaurant I would make a meatloaf flavored with eggplant. Most of the time, I would grill the eggplant, chop it up, and add it to a mix of ground turkey and sausage meat. Recently, I began roasting the eggplant (sliced side down on a sheet pan) in a 400 degree oven, […]

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Basic Pizza Dough

  What could be more social than pizza? My daughter had a craving (okay, make that me) only she wanted plain cheese and I wanted mushroom…so we had both. It was thin crusted (of course you can make the crust thicker if you like) and so yummy. Plus this basic dough is perfect for bread, […]

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Your Personal Recipe

As November begins and another holiday season approaches just around the bend, I invite you to play around with formulating your personal recipe. Try working with different parts of the following: Ingredients: gratitude, strength, determination, laughter, introspection, integrity, honesty and trust. [widgets_on_pages id=”inline_widget_1″]

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The Gentrification of Polenta

A Note from the Chef Polenta, or corn meal, once thought of as peasant food and a staple of the Italian diet, second only to pasta, has in recent years been elevated to gourmet status and appears on even the most elegant restaurant menus. This always results in a chuckle from me for I remember […]

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3 Tips For a Great Bolognese Sauce

To make a great Bolognese Sauce start with the best meat. I find that a combination of ground turkey, beef and pork makes the tastiest sauce. And it’s the pork that makes the tastiest difference in this trio. And not just any ground pork, but rather sausage meat. Look for sausage meat that has specks […]

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Polenta with Bolognese Sauce

Make a big pot of polenta and the Bolognese sauce below, (or a meatless sauce) call a group of friends, serve warm on your own communal plate and start the conversation and wine flowing. Basic Polenta Recipe Serves 5 or more 1 pound or slightly more of coarsely ground corn meal (you want corn meal […]

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Dream Big

  Last night I saw the movie, “The Astronaut Farmer” with Billy Bob Thornton. In one scene when he was feeling particularly dejected, his father in law reminded him of what a great father he was when he said, “You are an amazing father. I couldn’t even get my family to share a meal. You […]

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The Blossoming of Food and Money

I’ve been thinking a lot about money lately–well more than my usual allotment. I’m sure I’m not alone. These days, money seems to be on most people’s mind-not that that’s anything new in our money obsessed culture, but this time, for millions of people, it’s not about making more and more money, but about making […]

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