Family Meals: servicing Hartford, Fairfield and Litchfield counties

Sharing a family meal does so much more than simply feeding your family…it nourishes them with the elements that create memories and strong bonds that last a lifetime. Every family needs this!

  • Life gets in the way and hectic schedules make sitting and eating together almost impossible.
  • You’re not a great cook, so you rely on prepared or packaged food for help and would like to change that.
  • You’re a pretty good cook, but coming up with what to make for dinner each night is daunting.
  • You (and your family) are bored with the same rotation of go-to meals over and over again.
  • Your kids have directly opposed preferences that make meal planning a nightmare.
    Some family member(s) have serious allergies, so planning a meal that everyone likes and can eat is stressing you out.

I can help.

If you have answered Yes to any of the above, let’s talk.
Seriously, I’m an expert at this. I’m Italian and an experienced chef with her own finicky kids. Sitting down to a family meal is something we did every night when I was growing up. It instilled such a passion in me that I opened a family-friendly restaurant. I also began giving cooking classes in 1995 to inspire others to cook, so they could experience the joy, as well, and the health and emotional benefits that come from sitting at the table together for family meals.

Here’s how I can help you make mealtimes a pleasure instead of a chore:

  • We’ll schedule a short phone conversation so I can familiarize myself with your specific needs and desires; time constraints; dietary needs; food preferences; etc.
  • I’ll research and create 5 customized meals that are perfect for you and your family.
  • You choose 2 – 4 meals for that week. I’ll shop, cook and deliver them to your home.


$80 per meal for two. Includes appetizer, entree and side + cost of groceries
$35/per adult/$20 per child (under 12) per meal for families of 3 or more + cost of groceries
4 meal minimum per order; $25 flat fee for shopping (Free delivery for 1/2-hour radius from New Milford, CT. Additional $20 for each 2o miles)