What Our Clients Say

“If I was to describe in one word Friday evening I would use the word “joy“. The evening was filled with friends, laughter and pure joy. Thank you for your presence, you created an evening of wonderful delight. It was my pleasure to meet you and I hope we get together again. Love,”


Norwalk Hospital-CT

“Chef Silvia’s food is amazing and I speak from years of experience having enjoyed the culinary masterpieces in her restaurant in Ridgefield, CT…In addition I attended many of her cooking/wine tasting classes and I have had the pleasure of working with her in professional venues as well. Her Italian cookbook, “Simply Saute” is my all time favorite. It includes many of the wonderful recipes she made in her restaurant.”

Donna Peach

“Thank you for an excellent evening. This was a wonderful team building event. It was wonderful to have the team all together to enjoy some great food and wine”

GE Corporate

Med Group

“We all had a blast. Thanks for the recipes and thanks for a such a great time”

Craig Iannucci

Portfolio Manager
Green Arrow Capital Management LLC

“Just wanted to thank you for the terrific evening on Saturday. Not only was the food delicious, but you were the surprise delight. Your light and easy manner combined with unbridled enthusiasm made the event special. Everyone there was raving about it on Sunday.”


VP of Marketing,
Barnes & Noble

“Thanks for the absolutely wonderful class yesterday. We had a terrific time and my sisters are already talking about an encore.”

Dan G

VP of Marketing,
Barnes & Noble

“Thank you so much for last night. We had the best time ever!!! I will definitely call you for my next party.”


“I got such tremendous feedback from everyone after the class! The ladies came away having had good fun and filled w/both tummy and spiritually
satisfying food. You are the epitome of a great chef; one who takes such inspiration from all things of Nature and shares this with others. How lucky I am to call you friend and teacher! I will send these recipes off now. Cannot wait to try the fish! I already made the salad based on memory. David had the same reaction..”this is such a nice change from frisee and goat cheese”.


Ridgefield, CT

“You’re amazing! What an incredible treat your meal was last night, SO delicious….people keep talking about what you prepared (and how you prepared it!) I can’t thank you enough for making the evening truly

Andrea Anderson

“I love the newsletter that you sent. Thanks so much for putting me on your distribution list. You always write thought-provoking and grounding pieces. And your writing always seems to come to me at just the right moment. Bless you!”

Jane Falla

“We are so delighted with the extraordinary event you organized for Mintz & Hoke. You could tell a lot of work went into helping us amateurs look like we could cook. Everyone had a blast – even some of the nervous non-cooks. You put everyone at ease and had things so well organized. I imagine your voice is still recovering. I am still getting kudos from our people, from the top down. I know that our president, Bill Field really enjoyed reading about you to do his introduction. We so appreciate all your cheer and especially the sauce! You’re now in the annals of Mintz & Hoke’s 40 year history. Best,”

The Mintz & Hoke Anniversary team

“Thank you for all those recipes you just posted. I will try them all. We have enjoyed eating everything which we cooked using your recipes in your cookbook and those we downloaded. You are great. We spent some time at an inn in Vermont last week. The owners ran a nice restaurant on the grounds which was ok. What this restaurant needed was you as their chef. The food would then have been super delicious.”


“We were @ a dinner party @ your home a few yrs ago (david & jamaie gitow) and loved you and all your delicious food!
Many thanks,”

Fran Danter

“I attended your cooking class with Maureen, Maryellen and Michelle from Thule last year. Not only did I enjoy the class (and have used the dishes several times since), I thoroughly enjoy your e-newsletter. Your writing style is eloquent, but more importantly… somehow it makes me feel warm. What a talent you have there! I read the 3 or 4 paragraphs, my heart swells up, sometimes my eyes well up (but that’s a good thing), and it always takes me somewhere I remember. You are definitely correct – the heart of the home is the kitchen, whether you grew up helping Mom make a southern “supper” as I did, or in Italy making scrumptious pasta dishes. I just wanted you to know this – you make me smile J”

Judy Batten

Human Resources Manager
Vehicle Solutions North America

“Just want to thank you again for Friday night! Kendra and I had so much fun and it was exactly what we were looking for. We gave our guys the leftovers on Saturday and they loved them, too! I’m going to try chicken with the rub tonight for dinner and hope it comes out as good as it was on Friday night!!! The boys are interested in the grilling class so we will try to get another class in before summer. I’ll let you know as soon as I get everyones schedules together! One question I thought about is how do you know when to use shallots instead of onions? It was the first time I ever used a shallot.
Thanks, again!!!”

Deb Becker

“Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful night on Friday. Debbie and I really learned alot and are so excited to try what we learned at home. You are an amazing chef, and a great teacher. I look forward to another class soon! In the meantime, could you please add me to your mailing list?
Thank you so much!”

Kendra Becker

“Thank you Silvia.
The team had a great time and really enjoyed doing something all together rather than just going out to eat. I would definitely recommend you and the experience to others.
Best regards,”

Janet Lyngdal

Beiersdorf Inc – Marketing and Indirect Procurement Manager

“I always get so inspired when I recieve your newsletter. I was so happy that I forwarded it to my daughter and friend. I am an Italian american want to be a better cook. I really hope to try the pizza. More than the food is the wonderful spirit you send. I look forward to it every time.”

Carol Dalessio

“Chef Silvia is masterful and exquisitely artistic, while simultaneously warm and delightful. She devoted a wonderful day to teaching and cooking with my daughter her own special birthday dinner – a five course meal for a family of six. Not only did my daughter enjoy what she describes as the best birthday of her life, but the food was AMAZING – including the most sumptuous, light lasagna and the most delicious, perfectly prepared mussels we’ve ever tasted! SIlvia and my daughter bonded – forming a wonderful, nurturing relationship which I know will last.”

J. Glucksman

Bedford, CT

“I have been a raving fan of Chef Silvia for 20 years. Her restaurant Biscotti, not only served up fresh, flavorful, original dishes that I couldn’t get enough of, but set the standard for creating a warm, inviting hospitality that welcomed each guest as if they were being welcomed to her home. It is still remembered and missed by the community, 10 years after it closed – a testament to the magic and memories it delivered each day. During that time we became dear friends that supported each other’s spiritual growth and love of fun. She’s a natural teacher and her writing never fails to inspire me and make me laugh. Today I wouldn’t even think of planning or having a party without Silvia’s help.”

Valery’s Ridgefield

“Dear Silvia, I truly look forward to receiving your newsletter each month! You are so real, sincere and passionate about food, which always comes through in your writings and recipes. I love how simply you make a complicated dish and how consistently delicious your recipes are. You are such a treasure!”

Candace Doyle

Ashland, Oregon

“I came many years ago as a guest to celebrate my girlfriends, Beth’s birthday. Her husband booked the meal/cooking lesson with you and had I think 8 of us showed up for the lesson. You were so fun and easy going. The meal was fabulous and I still use your recipes for cream puffs( cant spell the fancy word you used) to this day. Since coming to your house that day, I have received your emails/newsletters/recipes, and I look forward to them always. As a matter of fact, when they don’t come, I start to worry about you. You are so inspirational. Thank you, Thank you, and Good Luck with your next chapter.”


Old Saybrook,CT

“ I’ve had the distinct pleasure of knowing Chef Silvia for many years now. I’ve attended many of her wonderful cooking classes and catering events over the years, and have seen the amazing process she takes people through; guiding even the most inexperienced cooks in the kitchen to putting a finished chef-quality dinner on the table, start to finish. The ease and expertise that Chef Silvia brings to her classes make for lasting impressions, and time after time I’ve watched the most shy and inexperienced beginners leave with a new sense of confidence in the kitchen. All while having a great time, connecting and sharing while they learn how to prepare wonderful, tasty and enticing meals. This is what life is about ~ at it’s best, and it’s exactly what Chef Silvia’s cooking classes are all about; great food and great fun while sharing a very special experience in the process. And, the bonus is that you’ll be a better cook when you leave.”

Rebecca Cherry


“Whether she is catering a dinner party or teaching a corporate group to prepare a four-course meal, Chef Silvia’s passion for the art of cooking is rivaled only by her passion for sharing it. Her bright spirit always rises to the top of the occasion, as she captivates audiences with her genuine ease and enviable enthusiasm. Using the kitchen to bring family, friends and colleagues together, Chef Silvia seems to teach something more than cooking. As exemplified in her Notes to the Chef, she channels a connection with our sustenance that goes beyond even her fabulous recipes.”

Darcy Bell Symes


“Being in Chef Silvia’s cooking class is the most wonderful experience. You are not only learning to cook in such fun and simple ways, but Chef Silvia’s passion and energy is electrifying. She illuminates the room with her smile and light heartedness which is so engaging. In closing I must say that every time I attend another Chef Silvia class, I feel even more loved and nurtured through Silvia’s Love of Food and Life.”

Nancy Fresilli

Spiritual Consultant, Newtown, CT

“ I am a person who appreciates good food and good friends. Two years ago, I rallied 34 of my closest friends for a Chef Silvia cooking class. HOLY CANNOLI!! (actually desert was Profiterole). Everyone was in awe as she not only cooked a great meal, but involved us ALL in the process. Visuals and demonstrations are HUGE with us gals and Chef Silvia had an abundance of knowledge regarding all our cooking apprehensions and then with her “hands on” approach, we all felt more confidence to take this knowledge and implement it on our own “guinea pigs” (I mean families)!Thank you SO MUCH for all your support and laughter and technical training that didn’t feel technical.”

Fiona Rhys

Stamford, CT

“Our Ladies Luncheon Group that started in Ridgefield and together for over 30+ years, have enjoyed every cooking class/meal you have instructed/entertained us with. Last count was 4 classes, I believe? Looking forward to many more.”

Pam R

Ridgefield, CT

“I have not taken cooking classes because I teach piano and there is no time, but I have eaten at Biscotti in Ridgefield and LOVED it! I enjoy your blog and have printed out some of the recipes. One with eggplant was delicious!
Thank you!”


“As a Christmas gift to my parents, my brother and I hired Chef Silvia to come and give us a family cooking lesson at my home. Ten of us, ranging in age from 6 to 80 years old, made an incredible four course meal in my kitchen. We divided up the courses and the jobs, by turns chopping, stirring, kneading, rolling, tossing – you name it – all the while laughing, talking, drinking and taking photos. We sat down to enjoy each course as it was prepared, and it was a terrific evening. She taught us some great tips and we made a delicious dinner, but more importantly, we spent time together doing something we all love (cooking and eating) with people we love (each other!) It was a great gift and Silvia was the perfect teacher to keep us on track and guiding us through new recipes. Thanks, Chef Silvia!”

Pam Ferraro

“First of all you are not only a great cook but a beautiful person. I remember years ago eating a banana cream pie at your restaurant that was to die for. I enjoy all that you share and I thank you.”


“My time working with Chef Silvia was wonderful. I even learned how to filet something and i learned many other recipes and rules for cooking. If you are into this kind of thing then you should work with Chef Silvia. You will be able to learn while having lots of fun!”


“ As the former owner of an Award- Winning Gourmet Store and Cooking School from 2003 -2010, Cook’s Kitchen on the Connecticut shoreline, I hosted a multitude of visiting chefs. My guest chef instructors included international chefs, television stars, cookbook authors, as well as chefs from local restaurants. However, Silvia Bianco always stood out from the rest. From her first class at Cook’s Kitchen, her contagious style was evident and she developed a loyal following. Returning to Cook’s Kitchen many times, all of her subsequent classes were sold-out with a waiting list.
One of Silvia’s most notable classes was an all-day class on a December Sunday. Under the tutelage of Silva, this hands-on class of 14 created the traditional Italian Christmas Eve meal of 7 fish, side dishes, appetizers and a wine to match every course. Alternating kitchen time with sitting at tables enjoying food and conversation, all participants left 8 hours later, satiated and sorry the day was over.
Truth be told, Silvia connects with everyone. Her wonderful sense of humor, incredible laugh and common sense approach to food and life, keeping it all simple is refreshing. Silvia’s gift for effortlessly drawing correlations between the blending of flavors and textures to the experiences in life is always evident. Time with Silvia brings a new prospective to your life and table.”

Debbie-Lynn Harris

President, Elegant Soufflés

“Thanks, Silvia– we’ve been enjoying all three of the dishes we learned and have introduced them to friends, too. The family agreed it was one of our most memorable Christmas gifts, so thanks for making it such a success– you were terrific and off the tennis court. Hope our paths cross again!”


“Hi Silvia – thanks so much. Your mozarella was a hit with many of our families. I made the bolognese sauce the very next day and my family loved it!! Thanks- again for a truly inspiring evening!”


“I am so pleased that the party turned out so well. All my guests truly had a great time. Not only did they enjoy the company and food, but you taught them skills they can use for a lifetime. When I met you I knew immediately you would do a great party. Thank you for making my birthday so special!”


Newtown, CT

“I certainly will not forget. Thank you for pulling everything together so professionally”

Linda Klaffs