If your kitchen looks something like this, cluttered, filled with too much stuff and too little function… and you wish it could look more like this…clean, organized, with everything in it’s logical place, making it a pleasure to cook in… but you don’t want to go through an extensive renovation…then you need me.

I can give your kitchen a much needed facelift. You can image what can be done with a little creativity, the eyes of a professional chef…and a self-professed organizing freak.

I’ll have your kitchen pro-ready in no time.

Here’s what you get:

A questionnaire so I can familiarize myself with your particular needs and goals

A 30-minute pre-makeover consultation by phone or Skype

A 6-hour makeover, during which:

  • I take everything out of its current place and inventory it, from spices, to pots and pans
  • In true Italian style that promotes buying/having only what you truly need or love, I sort everything, keeping what is useful or loved and donating or disposing of what’s not
  • You make a wish list of everything you really need but don’t have;
    I put everything back in its logical, cooking-efficient place.

Following the makeover, I provide:

  • A best price/brand resource list for everything on your wish list
  • Before and after photos
  • A 30-minute post-makeover consultation

The Cost

$100/per hour – 6 hour minimum
Travel: Free for 20 miles outside of New Milford, Conn.; $25 for each additional 20 miles.

Ready to get started?

Email me with a brief description of your needs, your location and possible times for the makeover.
Click here to send me your inquiry now.