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Knowing how to cook is ALWAYS a good idea…but when it comes to maintaining a gluten free diet…it’s essential!

Do you struggle with figuring out what to cook or how to cook?

What to buy?  What tools you need? How to get started?


What if …


You could create crazy good dishes – STEP BY STEP – from start to finish with your own personal chef?

You had delicious meals to eat and a ton more knowledge about how to actually cook?

You could learn at your own pace, whenever the inspiration arises?

Your cookbook (or favorite recipes) could talk?


Not only is it possible…it’s as simple as pressing play.

Go ahead and push play

A partial preview of one of the recipes

And one more thing…

What if you could bring your chef with you…on your smart phone or other mobile device and access her instruction anytime, anyplace?

Pretty cool, right?



Mediterranean…Italian…Gluten–Free (so good you won’t notice they’re gluten-free)

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned cook, it really doesn’t matter. After teaching thousands of people to cook over the course of 20 years, I’ve found that…

Anyone can cook…anything.

I’ve attended many of her wonderful cooking classes and catering events over the years, and have seen the amazing process she takes people through; guiding even the most inexperienced cooks in the kitchen to putting a finished chef-quality dinner on the table, start to finish. The ease and expertise that Chef Silvia brings to her classes make for lasting impressions. Rebecca Cherry, Founder



Beef Bourguignon anyone? I taught a 12 year old how to make Julia’s famous recipe. Take a look…


It’s simply a matter of learning the basics by being shown how.

In this online class I show you HOW in an up close and personal way…as if I’m in the kitchen with you…my voice guiding you as YOU do the cooking.

The focus is always on the cutting board for the prep work and on the bowl, pot or sauté pan because that’s where you need to focus in order to learn how to make each dish.

The intention of this course is to teach you NOT entertain you…though my inside tips, clear instruction, and distinctive voice is fun and relaxing.

And when you end up with a dish you and your family will look forward to eating again and again…your cooking confidence is bound to skyrocket!

My time working with Chef Silvia was wonderful. I even learned how to filet something and i learned many other recipes and rules for cooking. If you are into this kind of thing then you should work with Chef Silvia. You will be able to learn while having lots of fun!”

Tillie (my 12 year old student)

How a Virtual Cooking Class Works


A Chef in My Kitchen brings you the fun of an in-person cooking class, but in a convenient online and virtual format so you can cook when and where you want.

It’s just like I’m in the kitchen with you but it doesn’t cost you $2000 (only $29) like it would if I was there in person, but it’s almost as if I am…I cook each dish with you. I review the preparation, as my voice and photos guide you through the process frame by frame.

I’m there to help you through the tricky parts so you can handle them like a pro; alert you when your full attention is required – and where you can wing it, be expressive, alter to your liking, or just leave something out.

My intention is not to simply teach you how to make a particular dish…but to teach you to cook so you’ll feel comfortable making anything you want.

As you cook the same dish again (because it was so darn good the first time) and as you make another dish and and another and cook them again and again…you’ll find that you have become…

A Good Cook

With this course you’ll have a fabulous personal collection of go-to recipes…even if that collection is just a few dishes that you make really well.

Over time your collection and confidence in the kitchen will grow

In time you’ll find that you’ll even be able to look at a recipe and be comfortable making variations to fit your tastes.

The thing is, we all know we have to eat at least two or three times a day. That’s not an option for anyone. So the reality is…if we want to live a healthy, vibrant life, eat what we like and truly nourish our family (body and spirit)…we have to cook.

So why not make cooking fun, the food flavorful, and eating it…a time to be savored and shared…joyfully!


Every time I decide to try one of Chef Silvia’s recipes, I can always count on three things:  It’s easy to make, delicious and sure to be made again and again. Gina Gomez, Life Coach at

I love these videos because it totally sounds as if you were chatting with me in my kitchen. What a great way to learn! Nathalie Chantal de Ahna, Holistic Nutritionist at

Here’s What You Get:


12  recipes plus 3 bonus recipes (15 videos + 15 slideshows + 15 printable recipes + 15 shopping lists + nutritional information, pantry list, equipment list and tips) – all for $29 (a $2000 value)

Featuring the Mediterranean-Italian Gluten-Free Collection

This is a unique collection of 15 original recipes. Some are longtime favorites from my restaurant or my family – updated and customized to the gluten-free lifestyle – others are spanking new…created just for you. Best of all, you don’t have to be gluten-free to love these dishes.

Each recipe page includes:

  • Video and a slideshow so you can learn in whichever style you prefer

  • Printable recipe plus nutritional information

  • A shopping list and a basic equipment list

Every dish uses fresh ingredients combined in simple ways, staying true to my Italian roots, but prepared in a style that is uniquely my own.


Cooking Isn’t Just About the Food.

Dinnertime can be a joy rather than a chore. Your family will sit down excited to eat instead of eye rolls and refrains of “oh not this again”.

You’re inspired. You’re practically singing as you cook (or maybe you’re just playing really great music) and that leaks outside the kitchen – the house is a buzz with activity and vitality and that enlivens everyone who dwells there.

Suddenly, a sense of well-being permeates the house along with the aromas coming out of the kitchen and together they simmer a sense of belonging that never really fades. It lingers in our memory and builds strong characters.

When you’re in the kitchen cooking – especially when it’s not a mad rush to get dinner on the table – it soothes you, grounds and connects you to the Earth. The mindfulness and focus necessary to prepare a meal is actually a meditative practice that feels good – and nourishes you in unexpected ways and areas of your life.

You feel in control of your health and well being – not the supermarket..

There’s freedom in all this

Cooking for yourself and your family, entertaining friends, serving up delicious food that you know is nutritious because you handled everything that went in it.

Completely priceless.

I love this “cookbook”.  It is wonderful having Silvia’s lovely voice to guide you and all the pictures as frame of reference.  The crepe recipe is divine.  My family loved them with ham and cheese and also with nutella for dessert.  Highly recommend!” The biscotti were to die for and just as she says, they disappeared in a flash. Lorna Gager, Life Coach at

Thank you for all those recipes you just posted.  I will try them all.  We have enjoyed eating everything which we cooked using your recipes in your cookbook and those we downloaded.  You are great. Ann

Meet Your Chef

Silvia Bianco


As a chef and an Italian, it’s against my religion to serve up anything that doesn’t taste great…but I’ve always believed that food is more than…just food.

It’s our means for connecting…which we need every bit as much as food. Interesting that we’ve been gathering around food for thousands of years. Isn’t it?

Imagine a life where eating became so convenient we could be done with it in no time and move onto something else. Rather cold (and gray) isn’t it?

After a lifetime of cooking – personally and professionally- I can tell you this…

The gifts of the kitchen are many…great food is just one of them.

If the best way to know a culture is through food…then the kitchen is it’s heart…a safe haven to share our struggles, our fears, our laughter, and yes our tears.

It’s a sacred place.

A place to heal a family (or a nation) starving to be truly nourished.

It is my privilege and pleasure to teach you in this way because it’s of tremendous value. if you hired me in person to teach you how to make all these dishes, it would cost you upwards of $2000. Now anyone, anywhere can afford me. And that makes me happy.

With love and gratitude,



Take a look at the dishes we’ll be cooking:

[print_gllr id=3171]


Buy the course… Become a better cook so you can cook anything!

                       A $2000 value if I was actually with you in the kitchen, but with this course, in a sense, I am with you! Now you can have me in your kitchen for


Lifetime access for this virtual cooking class.


———-For a custom created course, totally catered to your specific nutritional needs or culinary preferences  –  contact me.————-Price upon request.


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