The Only 3 knives you really need.

And you don’t have to spend a fortune.

I couldn’t have said it better myself…so I won’t.

This advice is from Good Housekeeping. Photos and comments from me.

8-inch cook’s knife:

If you can buy only one knife, this is the one to choose. It’s long enough to slice, heavy enough to mince, pointy enough to pare or core, and has a heel to cleave bones. It’s an all-around workhorse as long as you keep it sharp.


I love this size because I’m petite so I don’t have big hands. If you’re a big guy, feel free to go bigger.

Chose one that feels comfortable in your hands because you’ll use it for almost all chopping and slicing

Paring knife:

Look for one with a blade that’s about 4 inches long instead of one with a traditional 3-inch blade. It makes the knife more all-purpose, so in addition to peeling apples or mincing shallots, you can use it to slice fruit, mushrooms, and cheese or occasionally debone chicken breasts.


Bread knife:

By using this serrated cutter to slice crusty bread, you’ll put less wear and tear on the edge of your cook’s knife. And unless your cook’s knife is sharply honed, you’ll find yourself using your bread knife to slice tomatoes.


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