pulled pork grilled cheese

For all of you who didn’t get my recipe earlier today for the pulled pork grilled cheese I made the other night (and that’s everyone) I sincerely appologize. What can I say…it was 1:00 am when I scheduled my newsletter.


But turns out that was a good thing, because tonight I had another craving for it and this time I took a photo as I grilled it on my favorite cast iron skillet. Only tonight, I made a good thing even better – just as I said I do when cooking almost anything. This time I added tomato and arugula to the cheese and shredded pork.


Really, this ‘recipe’ is just to inspire you. Put whatever you like between two pieces of lightly buttered bread covered with cheese. Grill it and you can’t go wrong. But what you put over the cheese – that’s the art and a glimpse into what warms your heart. Here’s mine…




2 slices of any rustic bread (one with lots of holes like ciabatta is best)

A slice of good melting cheese for each slice of bread

Top one side with thin slices of tomato and baby arugula

Add shredded pork (or other cooked meat if you prefer) to the other slice and fold them together.

A smear of soft butter on the outside of each slice

In a hot skillet, cook each side just until the bread is golden and the cheese melty

Eat it with a glass of red wine or a cup of steamy tea


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