Congratulations! You now have a Chef in YOUR kitchen any time you need it!

Before you grab your sauté pan and start cooking, you’ll need to get organized.

The resources at the bottom of this page will help you – then, when you’re ready, you can head on over to…

 the recipes!

  • Equipment list:  All the tools needed to make each recipe (and just about any and every thing else you may want).  Many items you most likely already have,  but just in case you don’t, or you want to replace certain items, I’ve searched for products that are perfect – not only for what we’re cooking, but tools that will serve you well for countless other dishes and last for years. Should any item (or items!) catch your eye, simply click on the product name to purchase.  
  • Tips:  Extra info and little hints that are really good to keep in mind.  Read them before you start cooking – they’ll make a big difference in your experience
  • Pantry list: A list of all the ingredients used in every recipe,  so you can get yourself well stocked to make every dish. Nothing too exotic here – just what you’ll need to have on hand. I know how scary foreign ingredients can be, especially if you’re cooking gluten-free for the first time. The flours do take some getting used to, but we’re not making pizza or pastry (this time).  Instead, we use them in ways, and in recipes, where they preform really well – without much fuss.

Happy cooking!

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