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Tweaking What Is

  A Note from the Chef Anyone who loves toasted English muffins knows that they taste so much better when split open with a fork rather then cut with a knife. They know that a smooth surface doesn’t have the nooks and crannies, so perfect for holding melted butter. It’s the irregularities, the broken edges, […]

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Wasting Time

A Note from the Chef September seems to have gotten away from me. Before I knew it, we’re approaching the end of the month. I don’t know what happened. Is time truly moving faster and faster or is it just that September is an odd month? With summer winding down and autumn just around the […]

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Juicy Obsessions

A Note from the Chef I think there’s nothing more delicious than a tomato picked at the height of its flavor, and perfectly prepared into one simple, exquisite dish. For me, no ingredient is better equipped for this culinary challenge than a tomato, plucked from its vine just when its juices threaten to burst through […]

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Far From Shore

 A Note from the Chef I’ve always considered myself to be a free spirit. It’s the alter ego to my more traditional expression. Both sides are evident when I consider the differences between the Ridgefield home I lived in until June of 2010 and the lakeside cottage in New Milford I moved to. The former […]

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The Gentrification of Polenta

A Note from the Chef Polenta, or corn meal, once thought of as peasant food and a staple of the Italian diet, second only to pasta, has in recent years been elevated to gourmet status and appears on even the most elegant restaurant menus. This always results in a chuckle from me for I remember […]

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The Blossoming of Food and Money

I’ve been thinking a lot about money lately–well more than my usual allotment. I’m sure I’m not alone. These days, money seems to be on most people’s mind-not that that’s anything new in our money obsessed culture, but this time, for millions of people, it’s not about making more and more money, but about making […]

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Food and Philanthropy

  A Note from the Chef The Food names food and philanthropy as one of the top 10 trends in 2009. Food—a daily essential for each and every one of us—is a natural link for philanthropic efforts. From the $1 donation at the supermarket checkout line to more and more charities tied to food […]

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