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Why Restriction is Good for Creativity

A Note from the Chef When it comes to cooking delicious food that is also super healthy, creativity and resourcefulness are must have skills if we want to eat. What’s that saying? “Necessity is the mother of invention.” During the last year or so I’ve had to adapt many dishes to suit various diet restrictions […]

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The Democracy of Pizza

A Note from the Chef Let’s take something that’s been around for years, loved by all – regardless of ethnicity or diversity; rich or poor, young or old; is inherently democratic because everyone gets a vote on how they want it to be; is meant to be shared so it’s socially conscious; and what do […]

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It Pays to Look Your Best…But

  For years I’ve been handicapped – not in my physical body but in my virtual home. It looked old, tired and I didn’t have the tools to interact with you. I wouldn’t reach out to opportunity because I knew I’d have to invite you in. It held me back and kept me from moving […]

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The Healing Kitchen

I began writing these “notes” in 1995 when inserting the first one into the menu of my restaurant, Biscotti. I felt my patrons should know something about the person cooking their food. I was sure they could taste my intentions in their meal. I continued writing a new note each month ever since, because there […]

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The Urge to Purge

This year spring cleaning has worked it’s way onto my website – finally. I’m going through a re-branding. and complete overhaul and soon I’ll no longer have website shame. I can’t wait to share the results with you. But for now, I’ll share something I learned about the process of cleaning up your mess…whether that […]

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Can Any Space Be Sacred

  A Note From the Chef   All of us who love food know that it’s so much more than simply fuel for the body. If that were the case, we would simply swallow a little purple pill and be done with it – and one of life’s greatest pleasures would go down with it. […]

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A Note from the Chef Do new beginnings have a date on the calendar, or do they follow a date particular to us? Or are they simply a natural sequence to the unfolding drama of our lives? This is what I’ve been pondering lately. Every new year offers us the opportunity to make changes we’ve […]

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Gifts I Give Myself

  A Note from the Chef I’ve been thinking a lot about giving. Not the kind you can wrap and put under a tree and not anything you can see, but you sure as he_ _ can feel it. This kind of giving takes many forms and is available to anyone, anywhere. And yes it […]

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