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It’s Easier Than You Think

Sometimes, in fact most times, when people tell me they don’t like to cook, it’s because they think it’s hard. In my cooking classes I get the same comment from cooks and non-cooks when they learn how to make a new dish, “I didn’t think it’d be so easy”.   photo courtesy of

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True to Form

No matter what your station or status in life, the only thing that really matters is remaining true to yourself. This truth will shine through to everything you do and everyone you encounter.

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Your Personal Recipe

As November begins and another holiday season approaches just around the bend, I invite you to play around with formulating your personal recipe. Try working with different parts of the following: Ingredients: gratitude, strength, determination, laughter, introspection, integrity, honesty and trust. [widgets_on_pages id=”inline_widget_1″]

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3 Tips For a Great Bolognese Sauce

To make a great Bolognese Sauce start with the best meat. I find that a combination of ground turkey, beef and pork makes the tastiest sauce. And it’s the pork that makes the tastiest difference in this trio. And not just any ground pork, but rather sausage meat. Look for sausage meat that has specks […]

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Dream Big

  Last night I saw the movie, “The Astronaut Farmer” with Billy Bob Thornton. In one scene when he was feeling particularly dejected, his father in law reminded him of what a great father he was when he said, “You are an amazing father. I couldn’t even get my family to share a meal. You […]

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What to Do with Zucchini Blossoms

  In the northeast, zucchini blossoms are plentiful right now. Each morning for the last few weeks, I went to my garden and picked the zucchini blossoms, in their open state, before they closed themselves to the sun’s hottest rays. I fried them in a light tempura batter, stuffed them with various cheeses, added them […]

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Bonus: Saute Basics

13 Things You Should Know Before You Start Sauté has always been the cooking method that I’m best known for. It was the foundation that I based my former restaurant on and after 10 years of using and perfecting this art, I wrote a book on it entitled, Simply Sauté. So I couldn’t very well give […]

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