A Note from the Chef

I’ve been thinking a lot about giving. Not the kind you can wrap and put under a tree and not anything you can see, but you sure as he_ _ can feel it. This kind of giving takes many forms and is available to anyone, anywhere. And yes it can happen at any time. These gifts are known to be sneaky little devils. One day you’re walking around your neighborhood barely noticing your surroundings and the next you save a neighbor’s life. Yesterday you didn’t know his name. Today she’s family. In the aftermath of Sandy, we heard many stories of heroics, heartbreak and healing. And in each story both the giver and the receiver got a gift. Lives were and are being transformed and even in the midst of tragedy, miracles do happen. That’s the kind of giving I’m talking about – giving a miracle.

Life gives each of us countless opportunities to give (or receive) a miracle. The question is not if miracles are possible but rather, “Do we see the possibilities?” Look for them and they are everywhere. A few of us are in the right place at the right time to save a life, and a great many more experience the joy and transformative power of giving in small, everyday ways. And when we do…when we really notice how good we feel when we give – unconditionally, without thought – we know it’s ourselves we really give to. We are uplifted. We also know how differently we feel when we attack, argue or judge another. We too are diminished, regardless of how we justify the situation.

I’ve come to know, without a doubt, that giving – unconditionally – is actually a very selfish thing to do.

Each time I find myself helping a friend without expecting something in return, being kind when I could very easily been nasty, forgiving rather than making something or someone wrong, or simply making someone something to eat and feeling good about it even if I’ve been cooking all day, benefits me. Each time I give – big or small – it doesn’t matter. I feel good. I get a feeling so divine, I never want it to end.

So I will go forth my merry way this month (and beyond) dispatching my very full (and deep) pocket full of miracles. Try it. It works wonders for all.

Love and many blessing this most magical of times,


PS. I wrote this the night before the tragedy and heartbreak in Newtown and hesitated to send it out, unsure if writing about magic and miracles was appropriate at this time, so I waited. Then I remembered that believing in miracles might be just what we need when the world seems like a scary place and fear and blame are rampant. Giving is Love and that is always the answer.

Chef Silvia

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