GF bread crumbs

I know that staying on a gluten-free diet can be challenging, especially during the holiday season, so here’s a way to make gluten-free bread crumbs to replace regular bread crumbs in your favorite holiday dishes. And yes, you can buy them, but making them is super easy, less expensive, and a great way to use up any stale bread you may have.

Here’s how:

Buy or use any gluten-free bread that you may have around. Break each slice or roll into small pieces — this makes it easier to get them crispy throughout. Toast them in the oven until they’re brown and very crispy, then grind them in your food processor.

Really, it’s that easy.


Take 1 loaf of any type of gluten-free bread (or use a mix of stray pieces you may have around).

Break into small pieces and place on a baking sheet.

Bake in a 400-degree Fahrenheit oven until brown and crisp (about 10 minutes). Check them periodically, because you don’t want them to burn.

Remove from the oven and place in a food processor.

Grind them into crumbs — course or fine, whatever you prefer.

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