My latest version of Mexican Meatloaf and Gravy couldn’t be easier or more flavorful. It’s made with the addition of Ro tel canned tomatoes with green chilies found in the international aisle of most supermarkets. Then I add a teaspoon or so of classic Mexican spices; cumin, chili powder, garlic, oregano and a pinch of cinnamon. I add this spicy mix to a mixture of chopped meat that is usually 1 part sausage meat to 2 parts beef, along with an egg (or two) crumbled leftover bread, maybe some fresh parsley or cilantro. Then I mix it all together with my hands and shape it into a log and either bake immediately or refrigerate until I’m ready to use.

Add potatoes and vegetables and this makes a delicious family meal any night of the week. Make extra for leftover sandwiches the next day!!

And as a bonus…below is how to turn the pan drippings into a gravy!



1 lb (.45 kg) sausage meat

2 lbs (.91 kg) chopped beef

2 cans Ro Tel diced tomatoes with green chilis (found in the Mexican section of most supermarkets)

2 eggs

1 cup or so (340 g) of crustless, crumbled bread

1/2 cup (170 g) of grated parmesan

2 jalapeño peppers – seeds and veins removed and small diced

1 teaspoon sea salt (or to taste)

1 teaspoon cumin

1 teaspoon chili powder

1 teaspoon oregano

1/2 teaspoon fajita seasoning (optional)

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon


For the Gravy

In a saucepan over medium heat, add about ½ cup of the pan dripping and ½ cup of flour. Stir with a wire whisk for a minute or two to cook off the raw flour taste. Slowly add more liquid; alternating between the drippings and some chicken and/or beef broth (about 2 cups of liquid). When it reaches your desired thickness and flavor, lower the heat to low and let it reduce a bit. Add more both if too thick.



Mix all ingredients in a large mixing bowl. shape into a log and bake in a baking dish covered for about 45 minutes at 350 degree F (176.6 C) uncovered for 15 minutes or until the center is no longer pink or when a meat thermometer reads 165 degree F (73.8 C)



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