Artichokes are a funny thing. You either love them…or don’t know how to eat them (or cook them). I make these roasted, stuffed artichokes for a recent dinner party. And though I had always steamed artichokes whole, sitting upright in a big pot of water, stuffed with a breadcrumb mixture…this method wasn’t going to work when I needed to make 12 of them!

So instead, I cut them in half, cleaned out the fuzzy center, roasted them covered, cut side down with a drizzle of olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper. Then I flipped them over and stuffed them with sautéed panko, oil, garlic, parsley and lemon. They were sensational


Ingredients (feeds 4 or more)

4 artichokes – cut in half and cleaned. See this for instructions.

1 cup panko

2 fresh lemon

1 cup loose parsley – chopped

1/2 cup olive oil

2 fresh medium garlic clove – finely chopped



Drizzle each choke with a bit of olive oil and salt and the juice from 1/2 lemon. Place them cut side down on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Cover with foil and bake in a 350 degree (176.6 C) for about 20 minutes.

In the meantime, place a medium skillet over medium heat. Add just enough oil to lightly cover the bottom of the pan (about 1/4 cup) Heat until hot but not smoking. Add the panko and cook until it just begins to color, add half the garlic and cook for about 30 seconds, quickly followed by the juice of 1/2 lemon and a tablespoon or so of parley.

Flip each choke and fill with the panko mixture. Cover and bake for another 20 minutes or until the outer leaves can easily be pulled out and are tender.

In the meantime, in a small skillet heat the remaining olive oil, add the remaining garlic. Cook just until it begins to color. add the remaining parsley and juice from another half lemon.

Serve 2 halves on each plate with a drizzle of the oil sauce and a slice of lemon



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