Making pickled vegetables is a great way to use up and preserve extra vegetables. They’re delicious served with salads, sandwiched and burgers. And pickling is so easy…literally anyone can do it. Equal parts water and vinegar + salt and spices. The biggest decision to make is whether or not to first boil the liquid brine before adding it to the vegetables. And that decision will depend on three things: the vegetables used and the thickness/thinness of how the vegetables are cut and if you like your vegetables crispy or softened.

In this case, I’m using english cucumbers, sliced thin, accented with carrots, peppers and onions so I chose to use cold brine. Feel free to change the mix up a bit to suit your tastes. But here’s the basics.

Ingredients (makes about 2 quart jars)

4 cups water (.95 liters)

4 cups white vinegar (or your choice)

4 tablespoon (14 g) sea or kosher salt (if using iodized table salt use less)

2 english cucumbers – sliced thin

2 jalapeno peppers – sliced thin

4 – 6 baby sweet peppers – slivered

2 carrots – slivered

1 red onion – slivered

4 cloves fresh garlic

2 teaspoons crushed or dry chili peppers

2 teaspoons mustard seeds and whole peppercorns

4 – 6 sprigs fresh dill or rosemary



Mix the liquids with the salt until dissolved.

Place herbs, garlic and spices in the base of the jars.

Pack it with the vegetables and pour the brine to completely cover them.

Refrigerate for at least 24 hours before tasting.

Adjust seasoning if needed.


Here’s how I served them with a bunless burger the other night!




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