With the season of tomatoes quickly dwindling here in the northeast, I want to savor every last one of these “beauties” I can get my hands on…which makes the fact that they’re called “ugly tomatoes” quite funny Everyday I want to eat one of these ugly tomato salads, which showcases them in a feature role, dressed in divine simplicity. In this case it’s salt, extra virgin olive old, red and green onions, topped off with leaves of sweet Greek basil.



Ugly Tomato Salad with Red and Green Onions


1 tomato per person – cut in bite sized pieces

Red onion – cut in thin strips (a small portion per person)

Green onion – cut in thin circles (about one stalk per person)

Drizzle of extra virgin olive oil

Season with salt; garnish with basil



Place tomatoes and onions in a large bowl or individual plate; drizzle with oil; season with salt; toss and top with basil. You can make and eat this right away, or prepare it ahead of time. When it sits for an hour or two, it gives the tomatoes time to absorb the salt and oil, and the flavors of each ingredient has time to bond with other, coming together for a symphony of fresh flavors to delight you. You owe it to yourself and others the experience of savoring this simple salad.







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