I’ve been a bit reminiscent lately. Who hasn’t around this time of the year right? So I thought I’d take a look back on the dishes I created this year (Actually since end of July – that’s when this site was launched. I didn’t want to dig deeper to the first half of the year simply because – my photos aren’t very good). I also didn’t have any of the social feedback that I have now, so I couldn’t really say if they were favorites.

So yes, it might not be fair to say that the recipes below are my best – in fact, they’re not. There’re some classics here that’ll be hard to beat.  But then again, I may have posted them this year but they were created long ago. So they can’t really count in this line-up. You’ll just have to find your favorites yourself.

But social media says, these are my top 5.


5. Grilled Cheese with Figs

Fig Grilled Cheese copy


4. Winter Squash Quesadilla

Super Squash Quesadilla copy


3. Bok Choy Soup with Shiitake and Ginger


Bok Choy, Ginger and Shiitake Mushroom Soup


2. Sweet Potato Fries with Panko, Parmesan, and Sage



1. Minestrone with Quinoa and Kale

Minestrone copy

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