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Caramelized Onion Potato Bisque

This is what happens when you can’t decide if you want to make a classic onion soup or a creamy potato…you combine them! The result is something so pleasing, it quickly becomes something you don’t want to stop eating even when you’ve already had a large bowl. Just think of eating the creamiest mashed potatoes […]

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Creamy Potato Cheddar Soup with Jalapeño

This potato cheddar soup with a hint of spicy jalapeño is so easy to make, it really doesn’t even require a recipe. Boil potatoes just like you would when making mashed potatoes. Puree them. Add broth, Add cheese. Add sautĂ©ed jalapeño. But knowing that many people still want a recipe…I’ll gladly provide one. I finished […]

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Bruschetta with…Just About Anything!

  Bruschetta with sliced grilled sausage and peach salsa. OMG…Good!   Do you find it frustrating to try and please everyone at the dinner table? Sometimes it seems you end up pleasing no one because everyone has different preferences. You feel like screaming…”This is not a restaurant where everyone gets to choose something different!” But […]

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4 Quick Summer Sauces…on the Grill

I know, this isn’t what we reach for when we think about grilling…but I urge you to think again because a sautĂ© pan will inspire a whole new way to cook on the grill…and thereby being outdoors – where we like being – especially on a clear, star lit night. Each of these 4 sauces are quick […]

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A Recipe is Simply a Guide

When looking for a recipe for something you’d like to try making, always review a number of recipes before deciding which to follow. Chances are you’ll start to see many similarities and well as differences. Among them you’ll find one that suits you. Don’t be afraid to change a recipe, though you don’t want to […]

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