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Easy Cannoli Filling

 Leave the fuss. Take the cannoli. No guns here…just empty shells…cannoli shells.   I bought them from a local bakery, made a filling in about 10 minutes and now I can take my cannoli to my sweethearts…which just happens to be all of you. Really, leave the fuss of making your own shells (unless of […]

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Classic Cannoli

Years ago when I made cannoli to serve in my restaurant I found the trick to making these fresh, night after night… Buy the shells. Make the filling. Instead of “…Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.” (from “The Godfather”) Making the shells is what’s tricky and time consuming. Making the filling is a snap! And […]

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Apple Carrot Muffins

These muffins are a perfect back-to-school treat, with fresh, delicious apples from the early Fall harvest. I’ve added carrots for a healthy addition to the kids’ lunches, or as a snack for when they get home. These tasty little treats can be eaten for breakfast or with afternoon tea, and are incredibly moist and easy to make. […]

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The Best Coffee Cake

Recently my cravings centered around coffee cake. I craved it during the frequent snow storms that kept us hostage in the northeast this winter and I crave it in the morning still with a freshly brewed cup of strong coffee. And now when it seems the rains won’t stop and the dreariness of the afternoon […]

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Biscotti Cookies

  Because this is the season for baking cookies, I thought I’d share (once again) my recipe for making biscotti. This recipe has been made literally hundreds of times over the years in my former restaurant, Biscotti, and in my home kitchen, so it’s tried and true. It can easily be doubled or tripled and […]

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I don’t make many desserts, but the ones I make, I make a lot. I love using this recipe in my cooking classes because it’s impressive but so easy to make and it’s perfect when you need to make a dessert for a lot of people that they can make themselves and be wowed by. […]

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