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Top 5 Veggie Recipes Even Fussy Kids Will Eat

After years (decades really) of teaching people how to cook, I know for sure that most times when people say they don’t like vegetables, it’s because all they know is the over steamed wimpy kind that has had all the flavor sucked out of them. Or maybe they’ve never tasted vegetables picked at the height […]

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Top 5 Awesome Recipes…you can make in under 25 minutes.

Most nights most of us need dinner on the table fast. We don’t have time to luxuriate in the kitchen…that’s for weekends. So here’s my… Top 5 in under 25   From Simply Recipes – Sautéed Zucchini with Gruyere. You can see the awesomeness in the photo. Total prep and cook time…22 minutes From Cookie […]

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How to Sauté Green Beans or Any Dense Vegetable

I couldn’t make this just about beans…because the truth is this method will work for any…and I mean any dense or firm vegetable. Sauté – unlike frying – is to cook food quickly (usually well under 10 minutes)  in a wide, flat bottomed skillet, in a small amount of oil, over high heat. That’s why […]

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