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Mediterranean Focaccia

  Focaccia is similar to a more famous Italian import, but it differs from pizza in that it has no sauce, isn’t smothered with cheese and has its ingredients pushed down into the dough rather than on top. You can add a variety of herbs and ingredients to a focaccia, but this one is classic […]

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Minestrone with Quinoa and Kale

Featured on Mind Body Green Shared over 100,000 times.  Minestrone is a thick vegetable/bean soup, usually with the addition of pasta. It has a long history dating back to pre-Roman days, and it used to be made primarily with leftovers by poor families looking to stretch their food resources. It’s considered a part of la cucina […]

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Quesadilla with Sweet Potato, Fresh Mozzarella and Caramelized Onions

  I roasted a bunch of sweet potatoes to have ready for a number of recipes I was developing. This one wasn’t planned, but I loved it. Mozzarella, sliced sweet potatoes and caramelized onions were perfect together. Here’s this easy peasy recipe. Ingredients (for two quesadillas) 1 roasted sweet potato – sliced (see roasting instructions […]

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Zucchini Blossom Tempura Salad

Salads can be so much more than simply greens tossed with a dressing. They can be a whole meal and when they are, it’s a time saving healthy alternative to cooking a meal with many parts. But in order to be inspiring, salads require a bit of thinking outside the box…like most good things. Here’s […]

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Grilled Cheese with Figs

I started making what was called Adult Grilled Cheeses last year when I worked at a local organic cafe, The Green Granary in New Milford, CT. I had access to such a wonderful variety of fresh, seasonal, organic ingredients that I needed to use quickly while they were at their best…so I messed with the […]

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